We pledge to work in partnership with parents and families to meet the total needs of the child.

Babies (6months - 1year)

Our Babies room offers strategies for building positive relationships, helping children develop self-regulation, and responding to challenging behaviors in a sanitized and covid free safe environment.


Our children are the center of early years foundation stage with high-quality, free, and full funding if entitled. Our preschool environment embraces diverse activities for diverse and multicultural children such as role play, home corner, messy area, construction and physical play area. Their curriculum is tailored to suit their play and learning activities

Pre-schoolers (3-5years)

Our 3-year old program concentrates on building creative and artistic senses, early literacy skills, mathematical reasoning and scientific. Through participating in new hands-on activities that balance between physical and academic development and exploring different constructive learning centers daily, children learn new communicative, social and problem solving skills in our nurturing environment.

  • Develop self control and consideration for others when playing in activities
  • Experience confidence in myself and interest in learning
  • Learn to show appropriate behavior in situations

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